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Father's Day: Tips for Treating Dad

Posted by Thea Scrimger on Jun 10, 2014 2:05:00 PM

FamilyIt’s mid-June, and you know what that means: Dad’s big day is just around the corner. That’s right; Father’s Day is this Sunday. Are you ready to celebrate? Or are you having difficulty buying for the man that apparently, especially when you ask him, wants for nothing? Instead of opting for the traditional tie and coffee mug, this year, try doing something for Dad.

Sure, a new tie can really bring a look together and a mug letting everyone know you’re the World’s Greatest Dad can definitely boost the ego, but helping with the chores that Dad is usually responsible for can be a thoughtful gift too. This weekend use the tips below so you can take care of the yard work and grilling, and give Dad a relaxing Father’s Day.

Yard Work

  • Mowing

When it comes to maintaining your yard, one of the most time-consuming tasks is mowing the lawn. This is a fairly straightforward, albeit annoying, chore. Make sure you clean away sticks and other items that may interfere with the mower before you begin. You don’t need to give your lawn a buzz cut. Try to keep the grass at least 6-8cm long so that the roots are shaded and able to hold water well. As with other outdoor activities in the summer, it’s important to be weather-prepared. Wear a hat, put on sunscreen and bug spray, and stay hydrated.

  • Watering

You may not have to help with this, as healthy lawns usually only require about 2.5cm of water on a weekly basis to thrive. Check to see when the last time your lawn was watered before taking any action. If it has been more than a week since your lawn was watered grab the hose or sprinkler. Water slowly to both make sure that the ground actually absorbs the water, and to limit the amount of run-off that occurs. It’s also important to water thoroughly – a shallow sprinkling doesn’t do as much good as soaking down into the roots.

  • Trimming

ShrubsLike the individuals who create and take care of them, every yard or garden is different. Some are a testament to organization; others cultivate a more natural aesthetic. Depending on the way your garden is laid out you may have to do some minor trimming. If you have any shrubs, hedges, or trees near the foundation of your home, it’s a good idea to pull branches and trim excess leaves away from the home. This will help to let sunlight into the home, curb the bugs that wish to access the home, and assist with water management.

  • Downspouts

While you’re by your foundation, take a look at your downspouts. How far do they extend? They should reach approximately 6 feet away from your home. If they fall short of this you may see wet or eroded patches where rainwater has been pooling. When not properly directed away from your home via a downspout, water remains on the ground by your foundation, slowly seeping into it. A minor repair to your downspouts can save you major expenses in the future.

Grilling Safety & Maintenance

  • Cleaning

Make sure your barbeque is clean before firing it up. Dirt, debris, bugs, and cobwebs can get lodged inside the grill – especially if you don’t use it frequently. This is not the sort of seasoning you want on your burgers, so always check to see how clean your grill is before putting food on it.

  • Propane Tank

Take a look at your propane tank. Of course, it’s important that there’s enough fuel to cook your food, but it’s also important to assess the condition of the tank. Is your tank damaged or rusty? If so, it might be time for a replacement. You should be replacing your tanks approximately every decade.

  • Charcoal

If you use charcoal as fuel, it’s important to make sure your barbeque is vented properly. Carbon monoxide is released when this fuel source is lit, and poses a threat when inhaled. Keep the barbeque at least 3 metres away from windows and doors.

Father's Day

When you’re done grilling, do not dispose of the used charcoal unless you are confident that the coals are fully extinguished. Hot coals can easily start a fire and are very dangerous.

  • Safety Tips

Do not leave your barbeque unsupervised, especially if you are grilling with your children and pets nearby.

Keep the barbeque out of range of combustible items like wooden fences and trees and shrubs.

Do not get too close to the grill and make sure to wear appropriate clothing like a thick apron and short sleeved shirt to help minimize the potential for having your clothing catch fire. As well, use long tongs and brushes to protect you from the open heat source.

Whatever you end up doing with Dad, we hope you have a safe and fun Father's Day. Looking for more summer tips? Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook

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