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Buying a House? Our Home Inspection Packages Can Help

Posted by Thea Scrimger on Nov 19, 2013 3:17:00 PM

Learn About Your HomeWe know that buying a home is a complex process; there are many facets to consider before making this type of investment. Beyond deciding whether or not you like the home and if you can afford it, there are several other questions worth asking:

  1. How are the systems of the home functioning? Is it in good overall condition?
  2. Are there any moisture issues or leakages occurring in the home?
  3. Was it ever used as a grow house or meth lab? Are there homes in the area that were used this way?
  4. How are the local schools? Where do they rank on a regional and provincial level?
  5. What amenities are located near the home?
  6. What political riding will you become a part of? Who will be representing you?

Although some of these issues will have more bearing on the decision to purchase the property than others, all will have some impact on your comfort in the home and neighborhood.

HomeVerifiedSo how do you get all the information you need without adding more to your “To Do” list? Some of the inquiries above require a lot of research to determine. Let us help. Our Home Buyer’s Inspection enhanced packages now includes a HomeVerified Home History Report which will provide information on: grow house and meth lab records for the area, local school rankings, neighborhood amenities, and political representation.

This Home History Report is in addition to:

  • A summary page with key findings
  • Improvement recommendations for conditions (with time frames and cost estimates)
  • Photos and color illustrations for clarity
  • A Home Reference Book to help understand how your home works
  • A check for manufacturer recalls on appliances through RecallChek
  • Free enrollment in the Carson Dunlop Homeowners Association
  • A Thermal Imaging Inspection to help identify hidden moisture issues and leakage

Please visit our website or call 800-268-7070 to learn more about the different Home Buyer’s Inspection packages we offer and the benefits of thermography, performing a check for recalled appliances, and Home History Reports.

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