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The Top Five Common Misconceptions about Home Inspections

Posted by Thea Scrimger on Oct 28, 2013 4:05:00 PM

Question markHome Inspections
are a fairly new piece of the real estate puzzle. Unheard of in Canada prior to the mid-1970s, this consulting service is now a standard part of most real estate transactions. However, its relative newness, combined with the fickle nature of the housing market and the dramatic commentary on some home improvement television programs, makes it an often misunderstood entity.

While homeowners recognize the importance of a Home Inspection, few are familiar with the details – including what is involved and how it works. There are several misconceptions and we’ll look at our top five here.

1. Exclusively for Home Buyers

Home Inspections are not just for home buyers; they actually make great sense for sellers. We have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of Sellers’ Home Inspections in the last few years. In 2011, 22% of all Carson Dunlop inspections were Sellers’ Home Inspections. In 2012, that jumped to 27%. During the spring and fall markets, up to 40% of inspections completed are for sellers.

Sellers’ Home Inspections work for both sellers and buyers. They help the process in many ways, resulting in faster sales, increased comfort levels, fewer renegotiations, reduced uncertainty and lower liability. To learn more about the benefits of having a Sellers’ Home Inspection, please click here.

2. Only Needed for Older Homes


Many feel that Home Inspections are only valuable for older homes. However, when it comes to homes, age is just a number. Newer properties often have problems, frequently the result of original construction issues or neglected maintenance. Home Inspectors provide significant value for new homes – including assistance with Tarion Warranties. It is important not to judge a book by its cover; Home Inspectors see beyond the aesthetics of a new home. To learn more about New Construction Home Inspections please click here.

3. You need a PhD to Understand Your Report

Inspection reports don’t have to be complicated. They don’t have to include technical jargon, complex symbols and legends, illegible handwriting, or indecipherable notes. Many inspectors provide an easy-to-read electronic report that includes photos and illustrations and ballpark costs to address issues. Our reports are delivered the same day the inspection occurs. They include not only the information needed to make a buying decision, but great advice for the long term, helping you protect what may be your largest investment. To view a sample of a Carson Dunlop Home Inspection report, please click here.

4. Take Place Monday through Friday

The world of real estate does not operate on a Monday to Friday, 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do Home Inspectors. Our goal is to meet our clients’ needs, so we perform inspections on weekends as well. That’s right - you might not have to take time off work to attend your Home Inspection. Carson Dunlop is open seven days a week to help make your life easier. To request a weekend inspection, please call us at 800-268-7070. And if you need to book an inspection during off-hours, our real-time online booking service is a great solution. Click here to check it out and schedule your inspection. 

5. Require Planning and Advanced Notice

ClockA large number of home buyers forgo their Home Inspection because they think they cannot schedule an inspection on short notice. In reality, Home Inspections can often be performed the same day they are requested. Scheduling a Home Inspection is not the hassle many believe it to be. Many only require a few hours of notice, can be requested online, and take just a few minutes to book.

Home Inspection is an essential professional consulting service for more than just buyers looking at heritage properties. Clear reports delivered the same day help all buyers make an informed decision on homes of all ages. Setting up an inspection is fast and easy.

When you are ready to schedule your Carson Dunlop Home Inspection, click here or call 800-268-7070.  


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