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Seeing Infrared: Introducing Carson Dunlop Thermal Imaging Inspections

Posted by Thea Scrimger on Jul 22, 2013 3:40:00 PM

July Newsletter

July PollAs we have witnessed these past few months with Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto all getting hit hard, summer can be a season of heavy rainfall. Scorching temperatures and high humidity combine to create extreme storms, which tend to generate a lot of precipitation in a short time. The resulting flash floods can lead to wet basements and more, and pose a serious concern for homeowners - one that doesn't necessarily evaporate when the water does. As bad as a flooded basement is, it's not as insidious as a smaller, ongoing leak which remains undetected for years and leads to rot, mold, and structural damage. Is there a way to do more than a visual inspection to find these hidden problems?

Thermal imaging can be one answer. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive process that uses an infrared camera to measure and record the surface temperature of materials. Although this type of technology does let you see more than the naked eye, it is not x-ray vision and will not let you see through walls. Instead, infrared cameras take color images, which include a color scale to illustrate temperature differences on surfaces.

Thermographers interpret these temperature readings and use them to help find a number of different conditions. Infrared scans are used in many industries and can aid in identifying concealed water leaks, missing insulation, electrical failures, insect nests, and other issues that are not easily detected by the human eye.

Although infrared cameras do require some specific conditions for the most accurate readings to be obtained, the technology has improved greatly since it was first introduced into the Home Inspection industry. These advancements mean this valuable resource now meets the high standards we hold at Carson Dunlop, with respect to exceeding clients' expectations and providing unparalleled client care.

Thermal Imaging

At Carson Dunlop, we understand that water leakage is a significant concern for our clients. This is why we have tailored our Thermal Imaging Inspections to look for concealed water problems.

During the Thermal Imaging Inspection, inspectors will employ infrared cameras to look for hidden moisture in the most vulnerable areas of the home, with specific focus on basements, and ceilings directly under roofs and bathrooms. The inspector's findings and recommendations, as well as thermal images, will be documented in a detailed report and provided to the client within one business day of the inspection.

We believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to one of life's biggest investments: the home. Our decision to offer Thermal Imaging Inspections reflects this core concept. Using infrared technology allows us to provide our clients and real estate partners with a more comprehensive assessment and detailed report. To learn more about Carson Dunlop Thermal Imaging Inspections, please click here or call 1-800-268-7070.  

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