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Why Seller's Home Inspections Make Sense

Posted by Thea Scrimger on Feb 4, 2013 5:01:00 PM

NiceHouseWhen it comes to Home Inspections, many associate this service with being exclusively requested by home buyers as opposed to sellers. While Home Inspections are beneficial for home purchasers, a growing trend in the real estate industry has emerged: Seller's Inspections. Seller's Inspections, often called Pre-Listing Inspections, deliver a great deal of value for home sellers and their respective real estate agents. They also present a lot of value for home buyers and their agents - making this a service worth investigating, should you be considering putting your home on the market.

Many already recognize the value of Seller's Inspections. One Toronto real estate professional explains, "...I use Carson Dunlop for all my pre-listing Home Inspections because of the value it adds to my buyers, especially in competitive bidding scenarios. Complete advanced knowledge of my listings allows me or my clients to remedy any concerns, or allows me to more effectively manage my buyers' expectations during the processes." - G. C.

With a Buyer's Inspection, potential purchasers are able to investigate the state of the home after they've made an offer, which seems a bit backwards. Why buy something you don't know the status of? With a Seller's Inspection, everyone is made aware of the condition of the home right from the start. There are no surprises or last minute renegotiations. The process is more accommodating for buyers, allowing them to feel more comfortable making an offer, which usually results in an increased speed of sale.

Moreover, Carson Dunlop's Seller's Inspections offer the option of including unique promotional materials to help with the sale of the home. Carson Dunlop offers two enhanced packages in addition to the Seller's Inspection report, which help to market the home. Both packages contain valuable add-ons that will help when selling your home. 

Seller's Plus Package Seller's Premium Package
This package includes a one-page PDF Summary Report that can be shared with prospective buyers. The report highlights positive attributes and the major findings of the inspection. To view a sample of the Summary Report, please click here. This package includes 50 high-quality print copies of the Summary Report, one full color printout of the complete Seller's Inspection report and a copy of the Home Reference binder. 

What about the Buyer?

We are often asked whether buyers are at a disadvantage when a Seller's Inspection is completed, because they did not participate in the inspection process. Carson Dunlop offers an Onsite Review with buyers to help alleviate this worry. This service can be performed before or after the home changes hands. It is done with the Home Inspection professional who performed the initial Seller's Inspection. He or she will explain the report and answer questions - it's akin to a personalized course in homeownership.

To learn more about the benefits of completing a Seller's Inspection, please click here or call 800.268.7070. For more tips and advice, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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