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New Condominium Inspection Product Launched

Posted by Olivia Hunt on Sep 21, 2012 8:15:00 AM

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At Carson Dunlop we recognize that condominiums and houses have different systems, cover different areas and ultimately present different concerns for their respective owners, purchasers and sellers. So why inspect them the same way? We’ve decided to stop comparing apples to oranges, and created the new Condominium Inspection product for our clients.  

Developed in collaboration with real estate professionals and existing clients, this new product aims to deliver the most comprehensive solution on the market. So what makes this new service so innovative? It includes:

  • A detailed investigation of all major appliances within the unit- includes a check for manufacturer recalls.
  • An optional appliance condominium warranty plan

The Carson Dunlop Condominium Inspection is catered exclusively for condominium clients, focusing on the systems and features specific to a condominium, including appliances, maintenance and service issues. Condominium owners, purchasers and sellers can now make an informed decision when buying or selling a condominium. Not to mention, new condo owners may learn a thing or two about their new home and how to take care of it properly. Want to learn more about the Carson Dunlop Condominium Inspection product? Click here.

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