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What Home Inspectors See – Home Inspector Training Interactive Tool Launched

Posted by Olivia Hunt on Sep 11, 2012 2:10:00 PM

Garage VentCarson Dunlop is pleased to announce the launch of our new Home Inspector Interactive Training Tool. This new device helps to illustrate the value of a Home Inspection through the employment of interactive photos. It shows how trained Home Inspectors uncover issues around the home that tend to go unnoticed.

The Home Inspector Interactive Training Tool visualizes for industry prospects what they will help to identify for their potential clients, allowing for a more concrete grasp of what a Home Inspector and a Home Inspection is. Home Inspectors keep clients safe and informed, enabling them to make educated decisions regarding their current or future homes. The Home Inspector Interactive Training Tool shows how Home Inspectors accomplish this.

So, can you see the problem in the picture above?

A trained Home Inspector would be able to warn clients that this vent may allow deadly exhaust fumes from family cars to enter the house from the garage. (Click here to see what a Home Inspector would find) With the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Training program, you too can become a Home Inspector and be able to provide sound advice like this to your customers.  Want to learn more about how Home Inspectors Help? Click here to view our interactive tool.

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