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Is a Home Inspection Career Right for You?

Posted by Olivia Hunt on Nov 30, 2012 3:17:00 PM


Have you considered a career in Home Inspection? Home Inspection is a relatively young, but growing profession. The Home Inspection industry has a very positive future with the steady growth of consumer demand, opportunity to add ancillary products and services, as well as diversification opportunities in a profession that will see more than 15% of its current practitioners retire in the next 10 years. 

This exciting industry is filled with opportunities for new entrants. Home Inspectors share many common traits that include:

  • A technical mindset
  • A desire to work with new people every day
  • A passion for homes
  • A natural independence

Becoming a Home Inspector gives you the option of managing your own business. By running your own business you not only have the satisfaction of creating something that is truly yours, there is also the bonus of being the ultimate decision maker in your work life – no more bosses or coworkers to be held accountable to. 

Did you know that 76.4% of Home Inspection businesses are individually owned, run and operated?

Some of the other benefits of owning your own practice include:

Income The ability to control your income
TaxAdvantages The tax advantages associated with self-employment
SetYourSchedule The means of setting your own schedule
WorkFromHome The flexibility of working from home

Home Inspection is a valuable and rewarding consulting practice and definintely worth considering. Learn more about Home Inspection and the benefits of self-employment by downloading our free Educational Program Catalogue or joining one of our free weekly webinars.

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