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Keep your Home De-Cluttered and Organized – Don’t Add Fuel to a Potential Fire!

Posted by Olivia Hunt on Sep 10, 2012 11:46:00 AM

Combustible Clearance   Fire Hazard resized 600Does this picture look familiar? We all have those spaces in our house – a place where our stuff just seems to accumulate and grow in volume each year. Every house is a challenge for storage but it is important to stay organized and take note of where you put your belongings.

In this particular case, wrapping paper and boxes should not be crammed beside an exhaust vent for a wood burning fireplace insert.  The exhaust vent can get extremely hot and can cause items homeowners put too close to catch fire. 

As a general rule, there should be at least two feet of clearance around any combustible appliance in your home. Click here for our image of the appropriate clearance area.  So what other appliances are considered combustible? Homeowners should create clearance for:

1)      Furnaces

2)      Water Heaters

3)      Fireplaces

As tempting as it may be to put those items that aren’t frequently used (Christmas decorations anyone?) in spaces like the one above, it’s important to keep the area clear to prevent against fire. Take a quick look around your home today and ensure that your belongings aren’t creating unnecessary fire hazards for you and your family.
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