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How to Prevent Water Damage

Posted by Olivia Hunt on Aug 27, 2012 12:00:00 PM

More Than 90% of Homes Will Leak at Some Point

Basement LeakageWhile April showers bring May flowers, North America sees a lot of rain in August. High humidity and temperatures often cause heavy rainfall, storms, and flash flooding. Many homeowners are blinded by the sunny skies of June and July, and don’t realize that this weather can translate to basement dampness and water damage.

Preventing water leakage saves lots of time, money and frustration.  Homeowners can take steps to reduce the chances of leaky basements, even during periods of heavy rain. There are four preventative measures to reduce the frequency and severity of water damage:

Grading – Ensure all grading is sloped to direct water away from the house and foundation. Click to see our helpful image that relate to grading from our Home Reference Book.

Gutters – Ensure all gutters and downspouts are in good condition to discharge rain water from roofs at least six feet away from the house.  Click to see our helpful image that relate to gutters.

Roof – Ensure roof surfaces drain water off of the house (focus on damaged or missing shingles, loose or missing roof flashings). Click to see our helpful image that relates to roofs.

Window Wells – Ensure they are clear of debris and in good condition. They are a common source of basement water leakage. Click to see our helpful image that relates to window wells.

90% of homes endure some form of water leakage. The preventative measures described above will help keep you high and dry.

As a professional Home Inspection consulting company, our aim is to help homeowners stay warm, safe and dry. A Home Inspection is not a life-long guarantee; it reduces but does not eliminate the risk of problems and provides you with the knowledge and information to maintain and protect your home.

This week we will cover grading, gutters, roofs and window wells in detail so you can learn how to prevent water damage. Stay tuned for more information by joining our blog email list or following us on twitter!

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